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SÉANCE CENTRE - Geography of the Mind Vol 3

Ontario, 16.08.23

Canadian record label, publisher, and distributors Séance Centre conjure timeless music from the past, present, and future.


  • Tony Giverin 
    Winter Garden
  • Scott MacGregor Moore
    So Good When It Comes
  • Ross & Northcott
    Love Don’t Care
  • Val Hallman
    Cool Cat
  • Omanina 
    From Imagination
  • Don
    Bregg Sounds So Nice
  • Val Hallman
    Fool In The End
  • סינגל מאלט 
    Shine On
  • Solakofski & Borkoski
    Believe In Yourself
  • Bregg, Cancelli & Windrew
    I Will Not Buy This Record If It Is Scratched
  • Chrysaliss 
    All Of The Time
  • Decades
    Don’t Care
  • Jenny Allen
  • Kenzie MacNeill
    Moonbeam Blue
  • Len Udow 
    The Dance
  • Kurt Hagen
    Storm In The Sky
  • Val Hudson 
    Just Company
  • Val Hallman