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Secretsundaze w/ Frankie Valentine

London, 30.09.21

With Secretsundaze, Frankie Valentine

Secretsundaze have always pushed that true dance music spirit, be it at their party, through their DJ sets, productions or with their label. Expect trademark roots-infused house, soul, jazz, boogie and more….


  • The Pilotwings 
  • The Pilotwings 
    Poule -Les -Echarmeaux
  • Hugo Moolenaar 
    We Can Live Together
  • Jason Joshua & The Beholders 
    Rose Gold
  • Lynda Dawn (XL Middleton mix) 
    Roses (XL Middleton version)
  • Frankie Valentine
  • Devil's Trillo
    The Duke Of Burlington.
  • Black Rite
    The Music Of Mandingo.
  • Psyche Rock
    Pierre Henry
  • Blues Current
    John Murtaugh
  • Karusel
    Petr & Pavel ORM Discofil
  • Universal Energy 
    Disco Energy
  • Classical Mechanics 
    Woman Of Ice (1ère Partie)
  • The Now Generation
    Percussive Undertones
  • Zsha Zsha
    Bear Brothers
  • Mach 2/2
  • North South East West 
  • Ramses
  • Monster Waalking
    K. K. Kong
  • El Regres De E.T EL Extraterrestre
  • Secretsundaze 
    Cyber (Ambient Sax Mix)
  • Alex Kassian 
    Spirit Of Eden
  • Arnold Jarvis 
    I Want 2 Have Your Love (London Mix)
  • Perez & Dowell 
  • Benjamin Fröhlich (Alex Kassian mix) 
    Club Fantasy (Alex Kassians' Inferno Dub)
  • Paramida
    French House 2000
  • Kush Jones
    Alonzo Snipes
  • Pluto 
    Anna 3
  • Lou Karsh