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Self and Other: Visions Of The Future

Bristol, 07.05.19

‘An empty beach with its fused sand. Here clock time is no longer valid. Even the embryo, symbol of secret growth and possibility, is drained and limp. These images are the residues of a remembered moment of time.’


  • Nina Simone 
    New World Coming
  • Steve Roden 
    Forms Of Paper
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
    Initiation Poem (Always Coming Home)
  • Visible Cloaks 
    Escape Music From City To Paradise
  • 1960’s Children
    The Year 2000
  • Arthur C. Clarke
    Predicting The Future
  • Words Of The World
  • Robbie Warin
    Crows At 5AM
  • D. Rothon 
    The Bus That Never Came, The Train That Never Left
  • GameramPC
    Data Transmission Sound From 14664.8 KHz
  • Luke Abbott 
  • Paul White 
  • J.G Ballard
    Future Now
  • Pauline Anna Strom 
    Gossamer Silk
  • Ursula K. Le Guin, Todd Barton 
    Sun Dance Poem
  • Kinloch Nelson 
    Tone Poem
  • DSR Lines 
  • Mark Fisher
    The Slow Cancellation Of The Future
  • Chris Watson 
    Crucero La Joya
  • 1999 AD
    House Of Tomorrow
  • WakinyAntifa
    Thunderstorm In Urban Backyard (Freesound)
  • Merope 
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
    Listening To The Unheard Voices
  • Harry Reddick
    Wild Garlic For Natalie (Ashton Court April 22nd)
  • Plinth 
    Albatross I
  • Ytasha Womack
    Afrofuturism, Imagination And Humanity (26 February 2017 At De Brakke Grond)