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Sendspaace w/ Natural Causes

Manchester, 31.05.20

Jamie Hudson brings a monthly hour of hyper-terrestial, futuristic sounds straight from the information superhighway.


  • Lil Asaf
    Labash (Loop)
  • Mothew
    2017.5.15llrec.23.20.36 (Edit)
  • Chris Reiersion
    Found Tape Excerpts (06.29.2019)
  • FFT
    In The Quiet Moment
  • Wayne Phoenix 
  • Etelin 
    Little Rig
  • Chra 
    Empty Airport
  • Kazuma Kubota 
  • C. Lavender 
    Engulf The Mystery
  • Jennifer Walton
  • Leo Hoffsaes 
    Il fait nuit depuis une heure maintenant - je m’avance dans la forêt
  • C. Lavender 
    Dimly Lit Exit
  • Facialmess 
    Original Soldier
  • Vladislav Delay 
  • Country Club 
    Twelve Days
  • Crawl Unit 
    Holy Static
  • Ferro Mortem
    Angel 65 HQ 'Broken Angel Remix'
  • Brighter Death Now 
    Necrose Evangelicum
  • Alfarmania 
    The Pale Horse Riders
  • Deterge 
    Fertilization (Month)
  • Crawl Of Time 
    Tangled Web (Internally Displaced Persons)
  • Wonderland Club
    Captured Memory
  • Climax Denial 
    You'd Better
  • Con-Dom 
    Just Fuckin' Die
  • Natural Causes
  • Soft Issues
    Combat Shock
  • Jackson-Pratt 
    The Stardust
  • Die Kombination