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Shanghai, 24.02.19

Josh Feola (aka Charm) is a Shanghai-based writer and musician, and editor of Here he curates some early 2019 releases from greater China's subterranean club world, sneak previews of coming attractions, & glitched out reworks of old favourites.


  • Bloodz Boi X Organ Tapes
  • OwO*16
    Nervous & Awful
  • Cephalosis 
    Autumn & Alcohol
  • GG Lobster
    Ghost Rider (Suicide Cover)
  • 小虎隊
    青蘋果樂園 (Green Apple Paradise) (Sonia Calico Bootleg)
  • Laughing Ears 
    Dark Tidal
  • Kelvin T
  • Charm
    Wetware Reworx (Feat. Duck Fight Goose, Dawei)
  • GG Lobster
    Pinhead (Ramones Cover)
  • South Acid Mimi Dance Team
    Original Soul
  • Ao Wu
    Red Line
  • Sonia Calico
    Nightmares About Past & Future
  • Kai Luen
    Steady Springs
  • Dream Can 
    Kill The Man
  • Lonely Leary 
    Objects At Noon
  • Lonely Leary 
    Hou Machang
  • Angry Navel