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Live From Shanghai: Floating

Shanghai, 23.06.21

When you want to relax and dance from soul while drinking at home or you can even bring it on a road trip.


  • Kaya Project 
    Harem Bizarre (Ambient Mix)
  • Nu 
  • Nickodemus/Falu
  • Seb Wildblood 
    Seal Of Approval
  • D’Arabia
    Key Lime
  • Folamour 
    The Power And The Blessing Of Unity
  • Victor Montero
    Safe At Home
  • Victor Montero
    Punta Popy
  • Elleot/Astre
    Tutti Flutti
  • Qubiko 
    Disco Connection
  • Bellaire 
    Paris City Jazz
  • COEO 
    Cabrio Mango
  • Dam Swindle 
    Spice Run
  • Mo’Horizaons
    Ai Mi Morena
  • Archie
    Dos Equis
  • COEO 
  • Arira/Krywald&Farrer
    Mushroom Valve