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Live From Shanghai - B-Side

Shanghai, 30.08.20

B-Side Base in Hangzhou. a Crate Digger、DJ、Promoter,lives in the city but has the mood of beach and loves the neon and discoball light.


  • Jules Etienne
    Rythm For The Garden (Part 1)
  • Leston Paul 
    Everyday Life
  • Dele Sosimi 
    You No Fit Touch Am
  • Bufiman 
    Peace Moves
  • Sleazy McQueen 
    Big Times, Big Tings (Original)
  • The Mauskovic Dance Band
    Space Drum Machine (Detroit Swindle's Flute Mix)
  • Jules Etienne 
  • Lipelis 
    What Is It
  • Jack Tennis
  • Lipelis 
    Children Song
  • Detroit Swindle, Jitwam 
    Move Out The Way
  • Maselli
    Viento De Andalusia
  • Will To Power 
    Say It's Gonna Rain
  • Moses 
    We Just
  • Monsieur Van Pratt
  • High Tide 
    Time Unlimited
  • Herbal Infusion 
    The Hunter (Herbal Club Mix)