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Shanti Celeste

London, 06.01.22

With Shanti Celeste

Shanti is a veteran and expert in four to the floor dance music - tune in once a month for a considered two-hour selection of the best house and techno around, transmitting direct from the NTS studio.


  • Jordan CGZ
    Science Funk
  • Suze
    Structure 3
  • John Carroll Kirby
    Luz Mala
  • Lifted 
    Mecha Perfume & Variety
  • Uio Loi
    Morning (Dew)
  • Joseph Shabason 
    Life With My Grandparents
  • Huerco S.
    Plonk VI
  • Deux Filles 
    The Draw In Room
  • Joseph Shabason 
    I Thought That I Could Get Away With It
  • Wilson Tanner 
    Odd Low
  • Atonal 
    Braid Hills
  • Møzaika 
    Alternating Access
  • Cleo Sol 
    Know That You Are Loved
  • Heiko Laux 
    Every Thought Is Evolution Part 1
  • Aleksi Perälä 
  • Chaos In The Cbd 
  • Virtual Earth
    Surface Player
  • Matt Antonio
    Closer (Chemise Edit)
  • Urulu 
  • Priori & RAMZi
    Coeur Cassé Ft. D. Tiffany
  • Cyan 
  • Hustlers Convention 
    The Chant (Remix)
  • Skymaster 
  • K : Hand 
    Never Turn Back
    VOL 1
  • Roksi
    Velocity Rave
  • Pump 
    You Got Me Begging (Dub Mix)
  • Huerta 
    Raker's Dozen
  • Jaz
    Original Flavour
  • Orbital (Gareth Jones, Neil McLelland mix) 
    Are We Here? (They Did It)