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Shape: Felix Blume

London, 06.09.21

Felix Blume presents a mix of field recordings exploring the concept of dialogue between humans and non-humans. Featuring recordings from Mali, Hungary, Venezuela and beyond, many produced by Arte Radio.

Amazônia, 32min production Arte Radio The inhabitants of Tauary a little village in the heart of the Amazon invite us to listen to their everyday sounds for a day. From sunrise at the forest up to a canoe ride throughout a stormy night from playing in the river up to a crocodile hunting… In constant dialogue with their surroundings they imitate animal shouts (monkeys, toucans, macaws, hummingbirds) so we can listen to their singing.

Horses Talk, Dii Hai O and other horse words, 7min production Semi Silent In the small village of Benești a few hours’ drive west of Bucharest locals use horse-drawn carts to go to the fields. They return with freshly cut hay or sand from the riverbed. Coachmen talk to their horses in order to indicate which directions to follow and the appropriate speed. “Dii” to move forward “Hai” to go faster “O” to stop.I’ve invited myself with the microphones on board for a ride. Communication runs through sounds and gestures which in my lack of understanding Romanian language turn horse talk into universal language. Each in their own manner man and animal seem to understand each other. Voice speaks beyond words inviting us to listen to timbre rhythms and melodies that intertwine as they are spoken.

Cows and the Fula people, 7min production Arte Radio Songs and sounds from Mali. A sonic postcard from Mali Africa where the Fula people herd and worship their cattle. When the rainy season comes the young Fula people from Mali leave for transhumance during six months with most of the herd. Cows cross the river Niger through the West. In the village women work to feed their families while men look after a couple of dairy cows. Fula people live simultaneously with their animals. It accompanies his everyday life with songs and prayers. The legend tells God first created the cow and then Fula people to go along with the animal and to protect him…

Mutt Dogs, 5min production Arte Radio Known as “vira-latas” (dump tippers) stray dogs offer their canine listening abilities in conjunction with human cohabitation. As a dog you love rummaging through dumpsters looking for something to eat you bark when a motorcycle passes by you run after cars invading your territory you dash in and out of houses and you explore abandoned fields. This piece offers a ground level sonic walk binaurally recorded by dogs in a recent urbanized neighborhood close to Belo Horizonte in Southeast Brazil.

Gran Sabana, 9min production Arte Radio Gold fever and cock Fights. Birds insects and gold fever: welcome to Gran Sabana. A vivid landscape betweeen savanah and the Amazonian forest in Venezuela near the Brazilian border. Noisy animals and a few men digging the earth for very little gold that they will later be spent on cock fights."

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