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Silk Road Sounds w/ Demonslayer

London, 31.10.20

Dan Nguyen aka Demonslayer is a multi-disciplinary creative, with a career spanning over a decade, and a focus to evolve the ideas of an Eastern + Western duality. Largely recognized as a key figure in the early Vietnamese underground club scene, Nguyen has brought his sound to stages across the world, including Coachella and Sonar Festival. Demonslayer’s murals and exhibitions have graced many a cultural metropolis, including London, Tokyo, and Mexico City.


  • The Pyramids 
    Queen Of The Spirits
  • Dogg Master, Busta Brown 
    Decompression Activated
  • Blank & Kytt 
  • L33
    Getting Of The Ground
  • Spekt1
  • Tout Sweet 
    Another Man Is Twice As Nice (Dub Mix)
  • Feels
    Thread Count
  • Rhythm & Sound Feat Tikiman
    What A Mistry
  • Monter
    Cuica Viva
  • Breakout 
    The Funky Goofball
  • Hiram
    La Flame In An Elevator
  • Moodorama 
    Mango Mongo
  • Air Max '97 
  • The Reflex
    Groove Is In The Heart [The Reflex Revision] REMASTER 2016
  • Jazzanova 
    Fedime's Flight
  • Connie 
    Funky Little Beat
  • Metro Thuggin 
    Free Gucci
  • ????
    How Long Has This 909 Been Goin On
  • Lifted Contingency
  • Pretty Poison 
    In The Heat Of The Night (Dub)
  • Terrance Tee 
    She's A Party Girl (Vocal)
  • Memory Tapes 
  • Limebocx
    Ho Tay (Demonslayer Remix)