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SILK ROAD SOUNDS w/ Xinwenyue Shi

London, 09.07.22

Xinwenyue Shi 施鑫文月 is a bilingual Hip-Hop singer/songwriter based in Boston and Chengdu, China. He combines his music with a profound understanding of western and eastern culture. He is well-versed and honed his production skills that effortlessly blend a natural combination of Asian culture with Hip-Hop/R&B, especially employing his distinct “silky-smooth hip-hop style” to unlock the memories of Chengdu’s local culture.

In this monthly Silk Road Sounds show he talks about the inspiration behind creating his mini-album “Step on Green 踏青”, growing up in the States, reconnecting with the motherland and a few untold stories.


  • Xinwenyue Shi
    Bamboo Groove
  • Shire T 
    Serve No Tea
  • 郑文萍
  • Xinwenyue Shi
    Solar Survivors
  • Xinwenyue Shi
  • Xinwenyue Shi
    Cotton Rose (Feat. PO8)
  • Xinwenyue Shi
    Cold Cold February (Feat. Matt Lv)
  • Xinwenyue Shi
    Ear Cleanse In The Spring Snow (Feat. 小老虎 J-Fever)
  • Xinwenyue Shi
    “I Was Fishing By The Ocean”