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SIREN w/ DJ Fart In The Club

London, 14.05.20

SIREN exists to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. Throwing queer parties in London promoting women and non-binary artists, their monthly NTS show explores techno in its broadest sense, covering everything from electro, to minimal, acid and breakbeat.


  • Synthetix 
    The Tao Of Dub
  • Otik
    Thousand Year Stare
  • Ura
    Shroon Lake
  • J Chrysalis
    Drip Ripple
  • Barac
    Sumuleu Hill
  • RAMZi
  • M. Geddes Gengras
  • OK EG
  • Mogambo 
    Dishoom (है)
  • Torvvo 
  • Paxman
    Breakbeat Tony
  • Data Plan
  • Soft Boi 
    Fais Moi La Guerre (feat. Nastychong)
  • Isla
  • D.K
    Echo Chamber
  • Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes 
    Clearing Place
  • Language 
    Tranquility Bass
  • Break The Limits 
    Drums Of Freedom
  • Full Dread³ feat. Danielle Barnett 
    Ecstasy (Comin' At Ya)
  • Krush Groove 
    Paradise (Untitled Mix 1)
  • Templeton Peck 
    London Summting '98
  • Dirty Life 
    I Got You (Funky Mix)
  • DiSKOP 
  • D.J. MBG (Alkemy mix) 
    Trance Wave 1 (Alkemy Warp Mix)
  • Dreams Unlimited 
    A Friend Is Calling
  • Depth (Joe T. Vannelli mix) 
    Do-Dee (J.T.C. Mix)
  • Sy-Kick 
    Take A Look
  • 2 For Joy 
    Driving In The Beat
  • Friends Of Matthew 
    The Calling (This Planet)
  • Way Out West Feat. Miss Joanna Law
    The Gift
  • Adam F