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SIREN w/ Nadia Khan

London, 16.04.20

SIREN exists to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. Throwing queer parties in London promoting women and non-binary artists, their monthly NTS show explores techno in its broadest sense, covering everything from electro, to minimal, acid and breakbeat.


  • X.Y.R
    Forest Temple
  • Green-House
  • Marcibagoly 
    Csillagok, Csillagok
  • Carmen Villain 
    Observable Future
  • K-Lone 
    Cape Cira
  • Placid Angles 
  • Aphex Twin 
    Parallel Stripes
  • Ana Roxanne 
    It's A Rainy Day On The Cosmic Shore
  • Asa Tone 
    River At Work
  • Ulla Straus 
  • DJ Python 
    Te Conocí
  • Perko 
    Grounds Ft. Lia
  • Shiner
    Lights On (Unreleased)
  • Ulla 
    New Poem
  • DJ Lostboi 
    Lb 100
  • Ju Ca 
  • Mistareez
    Errant Cloud (Unreleased)
  • Serwed
    In Space
  • Huerta 
    Blanket Dub
  • Micro Incubus 
    Poor, Really Poor
  • Opheliaxz
    Heaven Is In You (Unreleased)
  • Exael + Arad Acid
    My Love Is An Extension Of You
  • Cor S
    Impetu (Unreleased)
  • Patrick Holland 
  • Area 3 
  • Nasor
  • Russell Ellington Langston Butler
    Too Stressed
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms 
    Metrosat 4 (Remastered)
  • Donato Dozzy 
    Let It Go
  • Ben Bondy 
  • Tarotplane
    Decartes Camera
  • Rapoon 
    Saffron Fires
  • Craig Padilla 
    Beyond Beta
  • Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes 
    Gone From Here