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Rome, 27.12.21

With Giovanni Marco Civitenga

Broken club, dubbed out sounds, experimental electronics and atonal drifts: Gio’s monthly broadcasts are high contrast assemblages that move at a slow pace.


  • Giovanni Di Domenico
    A2. Yoghurt To Yoga
  • Kink Gong 
    Bamboo Chicken
  • Tomaga 
    Reverie For Fragile Hoeseplants
  • Sebastiano Carghini 
  • Exael, Arad Acid 
    My Love Is An Extension Of You
  • 1991 
    No More Dreams I
  • Andre Uhl 
    Deep Fake
  • Tzusing
    1976 (Tera Octe Remix)
  • dedekind cut 
  • Mica Levi 
    Lobo Y Lady
  • Sockethead 
    Weights Chains & Forgetful Rememberance
  • Emma DJ 
    Moonrise Cépage
  • Sabla
  • Sky H1 
  • Holodec
    03 Holodec
  • Beautyon 
    To Swing Pil
  • Sabla
    Guest Mix (01:01
  • Princess Diana Of Wales
    Swing (A Colorful Storm)
  • Sabla & Sara Berts
    Jam1 + Voice (Extract)
  • Agonis 
    Eternal Silence
  • Stefania Vos
    Positive Disintegration (Unreleased)
  • Mana
    Rain To Come
  • Nick Foglia Feat Michel Jun Collet
    Koishiteiruchoco (Gang Of Ducks)
  • Kelman Duran
    For Whithey (Scorpion Records)
  • Dave Saved
    Soffio Del Cielo (Youth)
  • The Fertile Crescent
    Can’t Let You Live Again (Haunter Records)
  • JASSS 
  • Fawzi
    Hajmeh (BLTNM Records)
  • Dean Hurley
    Feather (Boomkat Editions)
  • Madteo
    People Impersonating Person (Honest Jon’s)
  • Perila 
    Amorphous Absorption
  • Regno Maggiore
    Angeli Di Pecora (Forthcoming Gang Of Ducks)
  • XIII Feat Sabina Kaufman
    Senza Gamba Danza (Gang Of Ducks)