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Smithsonian Folkways - Environmental Folk Songs and Nature Sounds

Washington DC, 27.01.23

Regular hours from the D.C. archivists and record label, famed for uncovering + documenting folk and global traditional music.


  • Ella Jenkins 
    A Hump Back Whale
  • Ann McMillan
    Part I, Whale I (Excerpt)
  • N/A
    Dolphin Mimicking
  • Jim Nollman 
    Vihuela-Cello And Pack
  • Gene Menger 
    Welcome Rain In Banana Grove
  • Larry McKinley 
    Rain Alert (Live)
  • N/A
    Natural Sounds
  • Pete Seeger 
    My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song)
  • Anatoli Kuular
    Xomuz (Jew’s Harp) Imitating Water
  • Green Treefrog (Hyla Cinerea)
    The Green Treefrog (Hyla Cinerea)
  • Jake Blount 
    Once There Was No Sun
  • Lead Belly With Anne Graham
    What's You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire
  • Sis Cunningham 
    My Oklahoma Home
  • N/A
    Wind In The House, Wind In The Trees… (Excerpt)
  • Baka Pygmies
    The Humming Of The Bees
  • N/A
    Evening Rainstorm
  • The Six Nations Women Singers
    Mother Earth
  • Peter La Farge 
    The Senecas: As Long As The Grass Shall Grow
  • K.C. Douglas 
    High Water Rising
  • N/A
    Ocean Into Inland Waters (Excerpt)
  • Malvina Reynolds 
    What Have They Done To The Rain?
  • N/A
    Trucks And Cars (Excerpt)
  • Ella Jenkins 
    A Solution To Pollution (Introduction To Environmental Concerns)