Live now

Sofay & Ribeka

Glasgow, 10.10.23

Regular transmissions from two of Glasgow's most idiosyncratic & knowledgable DJs.


  • 0:00:16
    Laurel Halo 
    You Burn Me
  • 0:01:20
    Yara Asmar 
    Everything Is Wrapped In Cling Film
  • --:--
    Mary Lattimore 
    And Then He Wrapped His Wings Around Me
  • Philip Otterbach
    Sept 18 92
  • Lord Of The Isles And Ellen Renton
    Don’t You Ache
  • Christoph De Babalon 
    I, Like Him (A Dream)
  • SG
    Forever (Is Not Time At All)
  • Jay Glass Dubs 
    You Would Love Me Now
  • R Power Birthday
    Maybe Another Day
  • ju ca 
    seeing words
  • Purelink 
    We Should Keep Going
  • Naemi 
    Deep Green
  • Death In Vegas