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Ambient Abracadabra w/ Sofie Birch

Copenhagen, 03.07.23

With Sofie Birch

Relaxing & spiritual sounds with Copenhagen-based composer & producer Sofie Birch.


  • Petula
    Shida Shahabi
  • The Deepdale Halophyte Economy
    Robin Salville
  • Frogs
    Sofie Birch
  • Corals
    Gutten Bach
  • Cycli Infini
  • Being Anne
    Anne Muller
  • Mirage
    Molly Lewis
  • Romance Melancolique
    Gutten Bach
  • Entrance 
    Terry Perry
  • The Thrill Of Lonliness
    Hana Stretton
  • Planet Caravan
    Black Sabbath

  • Sofie Birch
  • Cabin Days
    The Sweet Enoughs
  • 140127-180419
    Sofie Birch
  • If You're Sure You Want To
    Alabasta Deplume
  • Outro
    Buck Moonlight Revival
  • Espiral
    Weste, Meitei
  • Boana
    Ivan Muela
  • Humidity Live From Roskilde Festival 2023
    Sofie Birch + Band