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Sofie K

Manchester, 19.07.20

Sofie K joins us for an hour of Italo, cosmic, classic disco and other worldly oddities.


  • Megabeat
    Oboe Piano
  • Marlon Hofstaadt
    Mantra Of A New Life
    TSIP & LEITH (OCB DR.660 Edit)
  • F
    Slow Down
  • Anna Wall, Corbi (Escape Earth mix) 
    DATs 1+2 (Escape Earth's 1+2=4 Remix)
  • Circadian Rhythms 
    Nocturnal Fly
  • Local Group 
    Random Utterances
  • Bassheads (Void mix) 
    Who Can Make Me Feel Good? (Manchester Underground Balearic Mix)
  • Bizarre Inc (Eon mix) 
    Raise Me (Eon's Ascension Mix)
  • Club Winston 
  • Clemency
    Biblical Names
  • Nabil Vortex
    Chaba Amel (Acide Amel Dub)
  • Darlene 
    Taken (Hip Hop Mix)
  • Lori 
    Rain Or Shine
  • Señor Chugger
    Late Night Club Light
  • DMX Krew
    Denki No Melodi