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Solid State Survivor w/ Shags Chamberlain

Los Angeles, 08.04.20

Broadcasting from LA, Shags dives deep into his wild array of records, bringing a strong thematic focus each month.


  • Sakura & Rita
    Peach Blossom River
  • Wong Shiau Chuen
    The Golden Voice Of
  • Sandra
    I Really Love Brother
  • Louis Armstrong, Gordon Jenkins And His Chorus And Orchestra 
    Indian Love Call
  • The Stylers
    Fishing Village Scenery
  • The Stylers
    The Story Of Kimchi
  • The Hawks, The Brothers Hawk 
    愛的嘆息 —— Funky.
  • The Travellers
    A Little Sheep
  • The Does
    Initial Flight
  • Oscar & His Orchestra
    Mountain Love Song
  • Oscar & His Orchestra
    Swan Lake
  • Oscar Young
    Für Elise
  • Oscar & His Orchestra
  • The Travellers
    Give You A Forget-Me-Not
  • Sakura & Rita
    I Don't Yell At You
  • The Melodies
    Long Disco
  • George Lam
    Ai Dao Fa Shao
  • Roman Tam
    Ji Guang Zhong
  • The Beagles
    Disco 4
  • 林子祥 
    Ah Lam 日記