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SOS Radio 057 w/ Sofie & Cesar Wogue

Vienna, 11.11.20

With Sofie

Stones Throw's Sofie presents SOS Radio - Everywhere Music 4 Every 1.


  • Sofie
    Reec Rhodes For All Eternity Demo
  • R
    RYX1 (Mid90s)
  • Sofie
    Happen 2 B There (Lauer Rmx Demo)
  • Cakedog
    Green Light
  • Sofie
    99 Glimpses (Titus Probst Rmx Demo)
  • Body Power 
    Dancing In The Tears (Dub Version)
  • Cicciolina
    It’s All Up To You
  • Giovanotti Mondani Meccanic
    Suite 2
  • Cesar Wogue
    Guest Mix For Sofie
  • Nicolas Godin, Pierre Rousseau 
    Page Turner
  • Gaussian Curve 
    Dancing Rain
  • La Funk Mob 
    La Doctoresse
  • Lika 
    Let The Rain Pass (Original Version)
  • Sébastien Tellier (Tolouse Low Trax mix) 
    Domestic Tasks (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
  • 2Pac 
    Starin' Through My Rearview
  • Wally Badarou 
    Fisherman (I - Theme)
  • Bell Towers
    I’m Not An Easy Girl
  • Claus Ogerman Orchestra
    Night Will Fall (Edit)
  • G. Bonnet, R. Romanelli 
    Amour, Émoi... Et Vous
  • Georgie Red 
    Help The Man (Save Yà Mix)
  • Jam City
  • Christophe 
    Silence On Meurt
  • Paul Williams 
  • William Shatner 
    It Hasn't Happened Yet
  • Phoenix 
    Reichstag 2