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Sounds Of The Dawn

Detroit, 01.02.20

Sounds of the Dawn is a monthly two hour session through new age, ambient, environmental, meditation and relaxation cassettes from the seventies to the nineties. Tune in and zone out.


  • Moods 
    Tropical Rain Forest
  • John Singer
    Naked Vision
  • Michelle Sell
    Circle 'Round The Moon
  • Robert Minden Ensemble
    Long Journey Home
  • Jeffrey Wood 
    At Destiny
  • Andrew Thomas Wilson
    Sun Hunters
  • The Electronic Music Studio Of Sonoma State University
  • Gianfranco Grilli 
    Festa Notturna Di Primavera
  • Hands In Harmony
    Massage And Meditation
  • Nadeen 
    Summer Evening
  • Brian Gingrich
  • Jacques Godebarge
    Détente-Voiture Route I
  • Aqua~Rock
  • Quark Pair 
  • Gary Knox
    Middle Heart
  • Al Gromer Khan