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Sounds Of The Dawn

Detroit, 23.05.20

Sounds of the Dawn is a monthly two hour session through new age, ambient, environmental, meditation and relaxation cassettes from the seventies to the nineties. Tune in and zone out.


  • Astracarnaval
  • Sigi Schwab & Percussion Academia 
    Rondo A Tre
  • A Sound Sculptured Environment
  • Michael Masley 
    The Moment's River
  • Small Planet Ensemble
    The Great Illusion (Maha Maya)
  • Bill Douglass / David Austin
    Wisdom Of Old Trees
  • Rob Church / Leroy Critcher / Emam / Romy Benton / Roger Hadley
    Balance Of Things (A Suite For Five Elements)
  • Ao Rangi
    Light Of The Universe
  • Space
    First Flight
  • Alap Jetzer
    The Source Of Music
  • William Clipman
    Bone Fire
  • Scott Quade
    Earth Tones
  • Tony Wells
  • Jerrolyn And Dean
    Cosmic Dance