Live now

Soup To Nuts w/ Anu

London, 14.05.24

Listen in for positivity and light as Anu broadcasts through the afternoon.


  • Vani Jairam 
    Bala Main Bairagan Hoongi
  • Bob And Elaine Diamond 
    Easy Come, Easy Go
  • Faye Wong
    Unknown Track
  • Placebo 
  • Joe Bonner 
    Love Dance
  • Image 
    Is That Why?
  • Darling Dears
    And I Love You
  • Iblss
    Celery Stock (Feat. Nappy Nina)
  • Semiratruth
    My Gawd
  • Semiratruth
    Damn! Finally! (Feat. LATS)
  • Deem Spencer
  • Crushed
    Milk Sugar (DJ Python Remix)
  • Sally Oldfield 
    Woman Of The Night
  • Black Water 
    Another Day
  • The Moderates 
    High Heel Shoes
  • Shamek Farrah 
    First Impressions
  • Shortie No Mass 
    Here Goes Nothing
  • The East-Flatbush Project feat. Esteem 
    Can't Hold It Back (Dirty)
  • JB Rose
    Show Me (89 UK Street Soul)
  • Marshall Titus 
    Don't Worry About Me (Radio Mix)
  • MC Juice 
    Your Guy (Mellow Magic Mix)
  • Ghetto Girlz 
    Get Off Mine
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    Anything (Feat. SWV & WU TANG CLAN)
  • Shara Nelson (Kenny Dope mix) 
    Nobody (Kenny Dope Mix)
  • Yoyo Honey 
    Groove On (Dub Mix)
  • Sky’ The Limit
    Don’t Be Afraid
  • Sylvia Tella 
    Sharing Our Love (RnB)