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Soup To Nuts w/ Anu

London, 29.03.23

Listen in for positivity and light as Anu broadcasts through the afternoon.


  • 0:00:22
    Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes 
    Inner Beauty
  • --:--
    Arti Gollapudi, Talk Bazaar, Canteen Killa, Syl Dubenion
    Cheese Cheese
  • 0:15:52
    Houston & Dorsey
    Ebb Tide
  • Setting Sun
    You'll Never Get To Heaven
  • Suade 
    Love Won't You Hurry
  • Aretha Franklin 
    Day Dreaming
  • Sun Ra 
    Door Of The Cosmos
  • Kaidi Tatham 
    Any Flavour
  • Kahimi Karie 
    What Are You Wearing?
  • New Musik 
    Here Come The People
  • Mamado & She 
    I Don't Know Y
  • Mikki
    Never Enough Time
  • Maureen Pearson 
    Settle Steady
  • The Rumor 
    The Frog
  • Tyler, The Creator 
  • Arti Gollapudi, Talk Bazaar, Canteen Killa, Syl Dubenion
  • Frank Kah'rl
    Im In Love
  • Key-Lo 
    Is It Real
  • Kari Faux
    TURNIN' HEADS (Ft. Big K.R.I.T.)
  • Annette Peacock 
  • Primal Scream (Terry Farley mix) 
    Loaded (Terry Farley Re-Mix)
  • Daddy Lilly 
    Computer Track
  • Kimayos 
  • 原マスミ 
    Living With Sound
  • Masumi Hara
    Always Still
  • Peven Everett 
    Heat Up