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SPA w/ Die Selektion & Friday Dunard

Cologne, 16.08.22

SPA was founded in 2018 in Cologne and is focusing on club music with a global perspective. The label is run by Salon des Amateurs resident Phillip Jondo, France 98 aka DJ Brom and Friday Dunard who put in their different musical backgrounds and influences together, ranging from Baroque choir music to high definition experiences. For their monthly show on NTS they reflect on current moods, play the labels output and invite artists around them.


  • Leda 
    Endless Race
  • SPK 
    Crime Of Passion
  • DJ City 
    City Of Sex
  • Robotiko Rejekto 
    Rejekto (Perfecto Mix)
  • //Tense//
    Turn If Off (Valis Remix)
  • Glass Domain 
  • Dark Vektor
    Es El Momento
  • Boris Divider 
    Shut Down The System
  • Umwelt 
    Starless Night
  • D.J. Naughty 
    Gigolo Style
  • Diana Est (Tony Carrasco mix) 
    Tenax (Vocal)
  • Branko Feat. Cachupa Psicadélica
  • Autechre 
  • Airwave 
    Sleep Alone (Airwave’s 20 Years Rework)
  • Vs. Goya Menor & Nektunez
    Ameno Amapiano Remix (You Wanna Bamba)
  • Plastikman 
  • Robert Nickson 
    Spiral (Chillout Mix)
  • Friday Dunard
    Ultra Citron