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SPA w/ O-Wells & 41ISSA

Cologne, 17.08.20

SPA was founded in 2018 in Cologne and is focusing on club music with a global perspective. The label is run by Salon des Amateurs resident Phillip Jondo, France 98 aka DJ Brom and Friday Dunard who put in their different musical backgrounds and influences together, ranging from Baroque choir music to high definition experiences. For their monthly show on NTS they reflect on current moods, play the labels output and invite artists around them.


  • Aleksi Perälä 
  • Ripme_grime
    Gritty Grace
  • Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas 
    Arthur's Return
  • Galaktian
  • 333 Boyz
    Glass Boat
  • Kush Jones 
    Love, From Where I Am
  • DJ T-Rell/DJ C-Bit
    Whippin Up (In The Studio)
  • Faithful 
    Time Will (Get This Straight)
  • DJ Rashad Feat. DJ Spinn
    We Trippy Mane
  • P. Adrix 
    Estação De Queluz
  • Alza 54
    New Whip
  • Dailon
    The Way It Feels To Fall In Love
  • ABE
    Up Down
  • Dj Clent
    Juke This
  • Teep 
    Big Gulp Slurpee Straw Neck Ass
  • Alza54, Ampakine93
    Farmers At North End (Ship Sket Remix)
  • Synesthasia 
    Venom (Edit)