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Supporter Radio - Joel's Summer Memories


Most of my favorite memories take place in the summer, with my friends or family. Something special about the the long sunny days swimming in the river, and warm nights, sleeping with the window open, always feel nostalgic for me. The droning sound of a waterfall over my head while swimming or the crickets chant at night inspired me to compile a mix of songs that remind me of different blissful and warm moments.

Submitted for the NTS Supporters Summer of Love project.


  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 
    A Song Of Summer
  • Mpala Garoo 
    Summer's Always Coming
  • Halftribe 
    For The Summer, Or Forever
  • Yseulde
    Pale Hearses (Red Museum July 27 2019)
  • Eric Cordier
    L'Air Dans L'Eau
  • Thoughts On Air
    Lazy Haze (A4)
  • Pospulenn 
    Rainbowed For A Fish In The Wind
  • Izabela Dłużyk 
    Little June Shower
  • Windy & Carl 
    Forest Trails
  • Celer 
    Waterfall Disintegration
  • Dave Philips
    Wandering Along A Footpath, As The Sun Starts To Set And Some Creatures Tune Up For The Evening Concertoes.
    Outer Limits