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Iconic Index: Tech & Resistance in the Bay Area

London, 08.09.22

A journey through the San Francisco Bay Area in the wake of the Summer of Love, through student protests, interactive computer demos, police brutality, semiconductors, the AIDS crisis, worker sabotage, relational databases, ecstasy, and greed.

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  • Mario Savio
    Speech At Sproul Hall Steps
  • Gabor Szabo 
  • KNTV San Jose
    Report On SRI Protest At Stanford University
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival 
  • Doug Engelbart
    A Research Center For Augmenting Human Intellect
  • Joanna Brouk 
    The Creative
    The People And The Police
  • Darondo 
    Let My People Go
  • Coke Escovedo 
    No One To Depend On
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
    Employee Orientation
  • The Avengers
    American In Me
  • Batang Frisco 
  • Patrick Cowley 
    Seven Sacred Pools
  • KSAN San Francisco
    The Gay Life, January 10, 1982
  • Tuxedomoon 
    In A Manner Of Speaking
  • Processed World Radio
    Keep Jane's Fingers Dancing!
  • Pointer Sisters 
  • Snakefinger 
    (This Is Not A) Disco Song
  • Tim "Love" Lee 
  • Larry Ellison
    Interview, 1997
  • Caveh Zahedi
    In The Bathtub Of The World
  • Logan English