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The Synth Hero Show w/ The Golden Filter

London, 11.11.19

An ode to synthesis from the latest and greatest. From 2011 to 2019, Tim Noakes invited guest Synth Heroes to select an hour of their formative electronic music influences. Listen back to the NTS show archive here. Also check out to discover artist track notes and exclusive mixes from legendary synthesists like Suzanne Ciani, Clint Mansell, New Order, Throbbing Gristle, Orbital, Vince Clarke, John Maus and many more.


  • Attrition
    Crawling (From ‘Death House’ Cassette
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti 
    The Secret Touch
  • Invincible
    The Sea Of Wires (From ‘Individually Screened’ Cassette
  • 5XOD
    Rattlesnake ( From 'Befor The Beginning We Were Living’ Cassette 1982)
  • The Dadacomputer
    Automation (From ‘The Dadacomputer ’ Cassette
  • Caroline K 
    Don't Believe It's Over (Instrumental)
  • Sympathy Nervous 
    Polyester 35 Micron
  • Third Door From The Left 
  • Cabaret Voltaire 
    Oh Roger
  • Roberta Eklund
    Obsession (From ‘The Heterodox Conclusion’ Cassette
  • Clock DVA
    Oedipus (From ‘Tape 1’ Cassette 1978)
  • Tom Ellard 
  • Claire Thomas And Susan Vezey
    Reprint 1 (From ‘Reprint’ Cassette 1980)
  • Andie Oppenheimer
    Subterranean Desire (From ‘New Mexico’ Cassette 1982)
  • The Nocturnal Emissions
    Untitled (From ‘Deathday’ Cassette
  • Solid Space 
  • Ian Boddy 
    Surface Touches
  • Soft Cell 
    Occupational Hazard
  • Suicide