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The Great African Disco w/ Temi Kogbe - Lagos Boogie Special Edition

Lagos, 26.05.24

Lagos based collector and DJ Temi Kogbe traces connections in African popular culture through vinyl.


  • 0:00:08
    Jake Sollo 
    Show Me How
  • 0:04:01
    Twins (Ftg Kiki Gyan)
    Pretty Pretty Girls
  • 0:10:30
    Esbee Family 
    Chicks And Chiken
  • John Player's Disco Boogie 
    Solid Gold Disco
  • Chuks Eddy 
  • Zik Emmy 
    All Night Dance
  • Hugh Masekela 
    The Boy's Doing It
  • Zik Emmy 
    Perfect Change
  • Jake Sollo 
    Say No More
  • Bayo Damazio 
    Dizzy With Love
  • Safari Ftg Gboyega Adelaja
    Weekend Nights
  • T Sonandina
    Stop Chasing Chameleons