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Feeling Terrible w/ Frost Children

Los Angeles, 28.04.21

Terrible Records, home of Miya Folick, Empress Of, Kirin J Callinan and more - now based in LA will be hopping onto NTS 2 once a month for two hours to share what's shaping the future for them along with special guests.


  • Björk 
  • Frost Children
    Elixir Theme / Gnome’s Lament
  • Giant Claw 
    Deep Thoughts 002
  • Mystery Guitar Man
    Marriage Of Figaro
  • Tennyson
    L’oiseau Qui Danse
  • Frost Children
    Baby Stando
  • Deadmau5 
  • Porter Robinson 
    Fellow Feeling
  • Nero’s Day At Disneyland
    Action Winter Journey
  • Frost Children
  • Laraaji 
    All Of A Sudden (It's A New World)
  • Koan Sound, Asa 
  • Porter Robinson 
  • Snail House
    Ma Chouchoute
  • Fun. feat. Janelle Monáe 
    We Are Young (Album Version)
  • nanobii 
  • TLC 
    Diggin' On You
  • Joe Hisaishi 
    The Path Of The Wind
  • Janet Jackson, Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell 
    Got 'Til It's Gone
  • KOAN Sound 
    Meanwhile, In The Future
  • Skrillex 
    Doompy Poomp
  • Sam Gellaitry 
    Long Distance
  • Porter Robinson
    Lionhearted (Virtual Riot Remix)
  • Joe Hisaishi
    Mei And The Dust Bunnies
  • A Day To Remember
    Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End
  • Frost Children
    Crunk Crisis
  • The Celtic Connection 
    The Last Shanty
  • Koan Sound, Asa 
  • Manapool
    Forced Angel Transformation
  • Forcefeeded
    Snot Drip Core Toons
  • Sidney Samson Ft Wizard Sleeve
    Riverside (Let’s Go)
  • Mutsumi 
    Pimp Slap
  • Porter Robinson 
  • Aphex Twin 
    Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  • Laraaji
    Rythym ’n’ Bliss / Joyous Dance
  • I Am Robot And Proud
    Center Cities
  • I Set My Friends On Fire 
    But The Nuns Are Watching...
  • Frost Children
    Red Flag
  • Scotty Vanity 
    I Like Your Hair
  • Club Eat
  • Hechizeros Band 
    El Sonidito (Dance)
  • Steven Dwyer And Yuko Umebayashi
    Mario Superstar Baseball Theme
  • Six Impala
  • Sickboy 
    Steal It With Style
  • Frost Children
    Skype Me
    Ultraviolet Love
  • Green Day 
    St. Jimmy
  • Nyan Cat 
    Nyan Cat Theme
  • Hampton The Hampster 
    The Hampsterdance Song
  • Frost Children