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James Massiah

London, 11.04.20

James Massiah pays homage to poets and orators - both the well-known and the unrecognised, married harmoniously with heartfelt soundtracks.


  • Durrty Doogz 
    Pum Pum Stealer
  • Sister Carol 
    Mi Love The Father
  • Junior Delahaye 
  • Black Uhuru 
    Dread In The Mountain
  • Daweh Congo
    Dub Iration
  • James Massiah
    Psalm For The 26
  • Mutabaruka 
    Muta Seh
  • Sugar Minott 
    Something Wrong
  • Dillinger, Trinity 
    Rizla Skank
  • Yellowman 
    Duppy Or Gunman
  • Burro Banton 
  • Super Cat 
    Fight Fi Power
  • Beenie Man
    DJ Bad Man
  • Billy Boyo 
    One Spliff A Day
  • Klein 
  • Everything Is Recorded (Ft Maria Somerville & James Massiah
    04:21/That Sky
  • Yves Tumor 
    Gospel For A New Century
  • Lord Tusk
    Majesty Revealing