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NTS Guide to: Blues and the Devil

London, 17.10.23

The devil and the blues have been intertwined since the blues got it's name. The name was derived "the Blue Devils”, a symptom of alcohol withdrawal where one sees intense visual hallucinations. It was soon shortened to "the blues" to describe a sense of depression or sadness - a key motif of the music.

Collection: Halloween


  • 0:00:14
    Clara Smith 
    Done Sold My Soul To The Devil (And My Heart's Done Turned To Stone)
  • 0:03:10
    Robert Johnson 
    Crossroads Blues
  • 0:05:40
    Sylvester Weaver 
    Devil Blues
  • Blind Willie Johnson 
    Dark Was The Night - Cold Was The Ground
  • Lonnie Johnson 
    She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight
  • Skip James 
    Devil Got My Woman
  • Kokomo Arnold 
    Rocky Road Blues
  • Joe McCoy, Memphis Minnie 
    Evil Devil Woman Blues
  • Lightnin' Hopkins 
    Black Cat Bone
  • Lonnie Johnson 
    Devil's Got The Blues
  • J T Smith
    Fool's Blues
  • Short Stuff 
    Hell-Bound Blues
  • Kokomo Arnold 
    Rocky Road Blues
  • Robert Washboard, Sam Brown
    She Belongs To The Devil
  • Unknown Artist
    Every Day In The Week
  • Mississippi Sheiks 
    I Am The Devil
  • Brooks Berry With Scrapper Blackwell
    My Man Is Studyin' Evil
  • Unknown Artist
    Say No To The Devil
  • John Lee Hooker 
    Burnin' Hell