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The Windmills of Your Mind w/ Taylor Rowley

Los Angeles, 24.09.20

DJ & music supervisor Taylor Rowley forages for the forgotten musical past every month, uncovering soundtracks, psych rock & other treasures.


  • Dorothy Ashby 
    The Windmills Of Your Mind
  • Charles Lloyd 
  • Goldie Hawn 
    Pitta Patta
  • Karl Peinkofer Percussion Ensemble
    Vier Stücke Für Xylophon: Allegro Für Sopran-, Altxylophon, Schellentrommel Und Kleine Trommel
  • The Minnesingers
    Summer Breeze
  • Jimmy Webb 
    Fingerpaint Me
  • Antonia Lamb 
    Everything Changes
  • Tambours Du Burundi
    Akazehe Par Deux Jeunes Filles
  • Mustard Seed Faith 
    The Question
  • Marsha Malamet 
    I Don't Dare
  • Maria Katira & Manos Hadjidakis
    Nocturne For Two Voices
  • Tim Buckley 
    Song To The Siren (From "The Monkees" TV Show)
  • Mona Davis
    I’ll Pick Up My Heart
  • Scott Walker 
  • Duncan Lamont 
    I Was Climbing This Hill
  • Susan Webb 
  • Fred Myrow 
    Kenny's Theme
  • Patrick Allen