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The Windmills of Your Mind w/ Taylor Rowley

Los Angeles, 24.08.23

DJ & music supervisor Taylor Rowley forages for the forgotten musical past every month, uncovering soundtracks, psych rock & other treasures.


  • 0:00:07
    Dorothy Ashby 
    The Windmills Of Your Mind
  • --:--
    Andrew Bown 
    Tarot (Theme Tune For Thames T.V. Programme "Ace Of Wands")
  • 0:05:42
    По Волне Моей Памяти
  • Fitzgerald Flyer & Boyce 
    Ram On
  • Leonie
    Bijoux, Cachous, Blues Déglingué
  • The Evergreen State College
    Initial Changes
  • Landslide 
    What Love Can Do
  • Unknown Artist
    Theme From “Dear Aunt Agnes”
  • Barry Cleveland, Bob Stohl, Kat Epple 
    No Expectations
  • Alla Pugacheva 
    わたしの歌 / A Song About Me = Песенка Про Меня
  • All In One 
    Face It, Girl, It's Over
  • Carl Thinman 
    I Told You So
  • Coïncidence 
  • Melton Constable 
    River Lane
  • Ken Saul 
  • The McElroy Brothers
    More Than Anything
  • Betsy & Chris 
    Come Run With Me
  • Unknown Artist
    Talking In Your Sleep
  • Millard & Dyce 
    I Came Upon Her Dreaming