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The Reign Set

London, 07.11.21

The Reign Set show's sole objective is to shine a light to the environs of outsider artists. Host ‘Gary The Tall’ pays particular attention to obscure and uncovered post-punk, dub, prog, synth, psych, no wave & whatever else.


  • S Transporter 
    S Transporter 2
  • Hector 
    Bye Bye Bad Days
  • Hypnobeat 
    Sumatra Railway
  • Beex 
  • Sandy B. 
  • The Lyrics 
    They Can't Hurt Me
  • Roots Radics
    Billy Boyo
  • Axel F. 
    Geronimo (Extended Vocal Mix)
  • John Du Cann
    Through Him In Jail
  • 14th Wish 
    I Gotta Get Rid Of You