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Throwing Shade - 2 Year Anniversary Special

London, 23.05.15

With Throwing Shade, Nabihah Iqbal

London-based DJ and producer Throwing Shade brings you an ethnomusicological perspective on weird and wonderful music from around the world. Expect regular themed special episode; a good dose of history, and above all, good music to broaden your horizons. Every other Saturday, 1-2pm.


  • Trantulas
    Saiber Ser Feliz
  • Jazz De Tombouction
    Leli Le Mystere
  • Field Recording
    Solomon Islands Song
  • Ernest Bloch
    Violin Sonata II
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers 
    Corner Stone
  • The Panthers 
  • Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers 
  • Jor & Jhala, Ishad Khan
    Raga Jansanmohini
  • Jean Adebambo 
  • Mikea Tribe
    Ima Lahy Misera Tu Es Foutu
  • The Brothers Sisters
    All Along The Watch Tower
  • Disco Elements Vol 3
    Rockin Music
  • DJ Marfox 
    Bit Binary
  • Khan Jamal
    The Known Uknown
  • Englandneworder 
    World In Motion...
  • Geinoh Yamashirogumi 
    Exodus From The Underground Fortress
  • Ahmadu Jarr 
    Kathung Gbeng