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Tim Koh: Kokonut Trip

Amsterdam, 17.11.21

Take a Kokonut Trip with LA scene veteran turned Amsterdam transplant, and Ariel Pink bandmate Tim Koh, playing vintage pop, kaleidoscopic rock & folk, and whatever else he feels.


  • The Residents 
    Perfect Love
  • Harry Merry 
    The Panorama Paper
  • Ariel Pink
    Intro / Where Does The Mind Go
  • Felt 
    A Wave Crashed On Rocks
  • Peter Ivers 
    Sweet Enemy
  • Lalalar 
    Mecnun'dan Beter Haldeyim
  • Pyrolator 
    Die Haut Der Frau
  • Chris Hinze Combination
    African Rapness
  • Unknown
    It Hurts So Bad
  • P Barclay
    Second Class Citizen
  • Puro Instinct 
  • Mathew Young
    Objects In Mirror
  • Bobby Brown 
    My Hawaiian Home
  • Phew 
  • Ariel Pink
    Im Nothing Without You