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Tim Koh: Kokonut Trip

Amsterdam, 02.06.21

Take a Kokonut Trip with LA scene veteran turned Amsterdam transplant, and Ariel Pink bandmate Tim Koh, playing vintage pop, kaleidoscopic rock & folk, and whatever else he feels.


  • Durutti Column
    For Gegian Friends
  • Arthur Brown Kingdom Come
  • The Stark Reality 
    Say Brother
  • Death 
    Freakin Out
  • Strawberry Switchblade 
    10 James Orr Street
  • Chillum 
    Incubator Tk. 1
  • Puzzle Punks feat. Shinro Ohtake, Yamantaka Eye 
    Yahowa 1.30
  • The Crawling Chaos 
    The Katrina Syndrome
  • Jean Le Fennec 
  • Can 
    Ethnological Forgery Series No. 7
  • Brigitte Fontaine Et Areski
  • Slapp Happy 
    Me And Paravati
  • Os Mutantes 
    O Relógio
  • Marconi Notaro 
    Sinfonia Em Ré
  • Kenneth Knudsen
    Knudson Variation (Excerpt)
  • Churchill's 
    Pictures In My Mind
  • The Nightcrawlers 
    Little Black Egg