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Tim Koh: Kokonut Trip

Amsterdam, 06.04.22

Take a Kokonut Trip with LA scene veteran turned Amsterdam transplant, and Ariel Pink bandmate Tim Koh, playing vintage pop, kaleidoscopic rock & folk, and whatever else he feels.


  • Thoom
    Just Drifting (Psychic TV Cover)
  • Black Dice
    Bad Bet (Maral Remix)
  • Broadcast 
    Untitled (City In Progress)
  • Tone 
    So I Can See You (ft Coby Sey)
  • Slum Village
    Closer Ft. Dwele
  • Maral
    Lavender’s Love
  • 700 Bliss
    Totally Spies Ft. Lafawndah
  • DJ NF
    Gas Natural
  • Maral
  • Regal86 
  • Scientist 
    Lazer In The Sky Dub
  • Anika
    Finger Pies (Maral At The Controls Dub Mix)
  • Joseph Campbell
    Living In Accord With Nature
  • Nala Sinephro 
    Space 1
  • Parvin
    Skoote Nimeh Shab
  • Omar Khorshid 
    La Playa
  • William Cafarelli
    Don’t Bother Me
  • Baba Noban
    La Elah
  • Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi
    Qatar (Instrumental)