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Keel Her - Immortal Consciousness

London, 29.12.20

Prolific London based DIY & lo-fi pop producer Keel Her heads to the studio for a show once a month.


  • Michael Rother 
  • R. Stevie Moore 
    Wet Nap
  • Mariah 
    不自由な鼠 Fujiyu Na Nezumi
  • Ruth White 
    Gymnopédie No. 1
  • George Harrison 
    Be Here Now
  • Eleri Llwyd 
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra 
  • The Free Design 
    You Could Be Born Again
  • Colin Potter 
  • Robert Wyatt 
    The Age Of Self
  • H.P. Lovecraft II
    Mobius Trip
  • Кино
    Транквилизатор (Tranquilizer)
  • Tim Presley's White Fence
    Harm Reduction (Morning)
  • Brian Eno 
    How Many Worlds
  • Daniel O’Sullivan & Richard Youngs
    Remain The Fool