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Tim Koh: Kokonut Trip

Amsterdam, 12.02.20

Take a Kokonut Trip with LA scene veteran turned Amsterdam transplant, and Ariel Pink bandmate Tim Koh, playing vintage pop, kaleidoscopic rock & folk, and whatever else he feels.


  • Bernard Parmigiani
    De Natura Sonurum (Excerpt)
  • Alan Watts 
  • Spiritual Skid
    Tongues Of Fire
  • Aksak Maboul feat. The Honeymoon Killers 
    Scratch Holiday
  • Tom Recchion 
    A Christmas Filled With Tears
  • Black Dice 
    Trip Dude Delay
  • Maria Somerville 
  • Marnie Weber
    Songs Hurt Me
  • Marnie Weber
    The Passionate One
  • Randy Grief
    The Hole To Heaven
  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 
    Oceans Of Weep
  • Ragnar Johnson
    Rumbung Pulpak, Bosman
  • The Gentle Hell
    The First Sound
  • Tomorrow Comes Someday
    Setting Sun