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Time is Away - The Singing Stream: Singers, Songs and Song Collectors

London, 17.06.19

Time is Away explores how recording technology enabled the capture of folk music in the United States and Europe across the 20th century. Like the practice of collecting, the programme is shaped by the tensions between college-educated song collectors, folklorists, singers and audiences seeking out the music of marginalised, dispossessed and disenfranchised people. At the programme’s heart is some truly heart-stopping music about love, death, redemption and renewal, which prompts questions about 'authenticity', community, labour, political participation and the power imbalances that influence whose culture gets airspace and on what terms.

With contributions from: Anne Briggs, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Shirley Collins, Jean Ritchie, Pete Seeger, Alan Lomax and A. L. Lloyd.

Collection: The Human Voice


  • Joseph Taylor 
    Murder Of Maria Martin
  • John Carlin
    Eilean Mo Chrìdh (Isle Of My Heart)
  • Vera Ward Hall
    Mama’s Gonna Buy
  • The Watersons 
    The Holly Bears A Berry
  • Trallaleri Of Genoa
    La Partenza (The Parting)
  • The Copper Family 
    Babes In The Wood
  • Shirley Collins
    The Oxford Girl
  • Alec Bloomfield
    A Box Upon Her Head (Shoot Them All)
  • Antonina Sergi
    Ninna Nanna (Lullaby)
  • Anne Briggs 
  • Berzilla Wallin 
    Conversation With Death
  • Bessie Jones 
    O Death
  • Sarah Ogun Gunning
    Down On The Pickett Line
  • Yvonne Hunter 
    Have You Ever Been Mistreated
  • Mary Townsley 
    Young But Growing
  • Bessie Eldritch
    I Wouldn't Marry At All
  • Jean Richie
  • The Watersons 
    John Barleycorn
  • A. L. Lloyd 
    The Turtle Dove (Roud 422)