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Top Nice: personality is money w/ Enchante

London, 09.04.16

With Enchante

TOP NICE is a creative ensemble based in Stockholm and London, producing festivals, exhibitions and club nights since 2004. General radio recipe: One or more TN London DJ plus friends. Lots of poetry.


  • Derrick May, Rythim Is Rythim, Mayday 
    Kaotic Harmony
  • Ramond Scott
    The Rhythm Modulator
  • Jumping Jack Frost (DJ Ratty mix) 
    Osmosis (DJ Ratty Remix)
  • John T. Gast 
  • Nikisi
    Human Condition
  • The Age Of Love
    The Age Of Love (Edit)
  • Yves Tumor
    Untitled (Makings Of You)
  • Nookie 
    Love Is The Message
  • Deep Blue 
    The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1)
  • A Guy Called Gerald 
    Nazinji - Zaka
  • I'm Wishing On A Star
    Rose Royce
  • John T. Gast 
  • Bullion 
    Get To The Heart Of It
  • Special Occasion 
    Empty Pockets
  • Bradley Davies
  • Soirée Pyj 
  • Lorenzo Senni 
    Elegant, And Never Tiring
  • Underworld 
  • Bradley Davies
  • K. Leimer 
    Almost Chinese
  • 69 
  • Soho 
    Hot Music
  • Anita Baker 
    Sweet Love
  • Lord Tusk
    I Guess Its All Over
  • Yves Tumore
    The Feeling When You Walk Away (Demo)