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Torn Hawk

New York, 01.01.24

With Torn Hawk

Torn Hawk, also known as Luke Wyatt, brings his comedy talk show to the NTS airwaves.


  • Torn Hawk
  • Callahan & Witscher
    “I Love Music”
  • Privacy & Torn Hawk
    “Under The Counter”
  • Theodore Shapiro 
    Interns Get Started
  • L'Rain 
    Take Two
  • Tamaryn 
    Path To Love
  • Luke Wyatt 
    I Recommend Starman
  • The Edge, Michael Brook 
    Rowena's Theme
  • Unrest! 
    She Makes Me Shake Like A Soul Machine
  • Torn Hawk 
    That Old Carly Trick
  • Sladazj 
  • Wilson Phillips 
    You're In Love
  • Torn Hawk