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Torn Hawk

New York, 26.04.21

With Torn Hawk

Torn Hawk, also known as Luke Wyatt, brings his comedy talk show to the NTS airwaves.


  • Bullion 
    We Had A Good Time
  • Bullion 
    Thirty Two
  • Sting
    Be Still My Beating Heart (Edit)
  • Humanbeast
  • Bill LaswellAtomTM/Tetsu Inoue
    Synthetic Forest
  • 070 Shake 
    Don't Break The Silence
  • Peter Gabriel
    Party Man (Edit)
  • The Chameleons 
    Thursday's Child
  • Justin Bieber 
    Hold Tight
  • Ron Morelli 
    FXK Ripper
  • Lussuria 
    Blood Is The Colour
  • Lyra Pramuk