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Touch and Feel w/ Brian Vidal

Los Angeles, 26.08.19

Essentials from then and now.


  • Interplanetary Criminal 
    Mind Games
  • Interplanetary Criminal (Breaka mix) 
    Sensational (Breaka Remix)
  • Nite Fleit 
    Psychic and Mental
  • Morgan Wright 
    The Stab
  • Athlete Whippet
    Corporate Guy (Baltra's 9 To 5 Remix)
  • Soundbwoy Killah 
    Fuck Off And Dance
  • Bored Lord
    In The Deep End
  • Killer DJ's
  • Interplanetary Criminal 
    Pain (All I Want)
  • Marlon Hoffstadt
    Eunited Kingdom (28 Lovers Mix)
  • Peletronic 
    Blyss (Demuja Remix)
  • GreenWald
    I Like That
  • Ghostwhip
    Ma$K Music
  • Yung Acid
  • Lone 
    Young Star Cluster
  • Ames Henry 
    Working In Noir
  • Bambii
    Step Into A World G MIX
  • Hornsey Hardcore 
    The Wiz
  • Solid State 
    Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)