Live now


Los Angeles, 23.12.22

TRiNH - an hour of covers and nostalgic feels, playing a wide range of genres with a focus on L-O-V-E.


  • Embers
    I’m Only Human (Instrumental)
  • DJ Screw, The Screwed Up Click 
  • Samantha Sang 
    La La La - I Love You
  • Merlene Webber 
    First Cut Is The Deepest
  • Al Green 
    Light My Fire
  • The Space Lady 
    Be Thankful For What You Got
  • Karl Blau
    Snow Is Falling In Manhattan (David Berman, Purple Mountain)
  • Sade 
    Please, Send Me Someone To Love
  • Hugh Masekela 
    Ooo, Baby, Baby
  • Brian Eno
    Fickle Sun (Iii) I'm Set Free (Velvet Underground)
  • Cocteau Twins 
    Cherry-Coloured Funk
  • Spice Girls
    Too Much (TRiNHs Melt Slow Edit)