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TT w/ DJ Pitch, Gribs & Bianca Scout

London, 30.10.20

DJ Pitch presents the warped world of their TT label every month, with new and exclusive music from the bleeding edges of the internet and beyond: indefinable club mutations, zeitgeist-collapsing pop edits, & sounds as yet undiscovered.


  • Bug Bus Piano
    Making All Good Thing Come To An End
  • Colin Stetson 
    Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
  • Woodstock
    Making This Was Heaven Now Im Going Back To Hell And Listening To This Wont Make It Any Better Either
  • BЯYN
  • T0k4rp ✶
  • Annef
  • Kat Nzingha
  • Agnostura Elwar
    My Powerline Is Overloaded
  • °W°S
  • Shakira 
    Pienso En Ti
  • Bianca Scout
    Guest Mix
  • Bianca Scout
    Phantom Pain
  • Akira Yamoaka
    Silent Hill Soundtrack
  • Evan Albam
    Begotton Soundtrack
  • Violence Grass Band
    Monk Tales
  • Alicia Goku
  • Jacob Samuel
    White Bride Reprise
  • Bianca Scout
    Hotblinging (Ft. Klein)
  • Saint Hill
    Broken Halo
  • Yo Chill & Chip Skylark
  • Saint Hill
  • Jacob Samuel
    U Matter
  • Saint Hill
    The Devil Might Be Around ( What If I Can’t Tell)