Vex Ruffin

Los Angeles, 09.08.19

With Vex Ruffin

Stones Throw Records' affiliate Vex Ruffin lays it down for an hour a month, live from our LA studio.


  • Sun Ra
    Love In Outter Space (Piano Solo)
  • Ras G
    I Love The 90's Hip Hop
  • Masumi Hara
  • Pete Rock
    Harps Of Heaven
  • Smiff N Wessun
    Tools Of The Trade Instrumental
  • Michael Franks
  • Vst & Co.
  • Boy Katindig
    Stompin In L.A
  • Ras G
    Sike Ya Life
  • Project Blowed
    Heavyweights Round 4
  • Speed, Glue & Shinki
    Stoned Out Of My Mind
  • Ras_G
    Atom, Aten, And Adam?
  • Jon Konteau
    The Heckler
  • Pharaoh Sanders
    The Creator Has A Master Plan
  • Public Enemy
    Public Enemy Number One (Geronimo Punks Redu)
  • X-Clan
    Verbal Papp
  • Pete Rock
    Traveling Man

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